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There are no other bullying, suicide and drug prevention programs like mine for addressing large audiences and assemblies. Check my references. I have done over 3,000 public school assemblies in 49 states, plus youth and corporate conventions, and colleges for a total live audience of over 800,000 people. My television program, “High on Adventure,” aired in 110 countries four times a week for two years. It is about making a difference. Many speaking venues bring me back repeatedly because what I do works. Read the whole article.


We all know that amongst children bullying and depression are prime causes of suicide as are drugs, alcohol, opioids, and now synthetic drugs.

The #1 killer of 10 to 14-old children is accidental death. But if you break that down, the #1 cause of accidental death for children 10 to 14, as well as youths 15 to 25 is drug overdose. The #2 cause of accidental death for these age groups is automobile accidents. These are official CDC statistics and the trend is that is getting worse! Read the whole article.

Stephen Arrington, sharing “Hope That Never Surrenders,” at Granite Bay SDA Church.

Hope that never Surrenders with Stephen Arrington

Hope that never Surrenders with Stephen Arrington

Posted by Granite Bay SDA Church on Saturday, May 26, 2018



Dream Machine Foundation is changing lives and SAVING them in Fiji.

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President Obama Pardons Stephen Arrington

The day before President Obama left office, he signed 64 pardons, one of them was for Stephen Arrington. To see his pardon and a letter written to him by President Obama click here.


Ex-Inmate Shocked by Obama Pardon


FROM 1991: Diver Finds Redemption After Drug Conviction

In the more than 30 years since Stephen Lee Arrington was released from prison for a cross-country cocaine smuggling trip prosecutors tried to connect to automaker John DeLorean, the former Navy diver said his life has felt like “a series of real life miracles.”

Despite his conviction, the former Navy diver was hired by The Cousteau Society and traveled the world leading expeditions, and he’s spoken to thousands of young people across the U.S. about never giving up on hope.

But he wasn’t prepared for the phone call he got Tuesday morning.

“President Obama was signing my pardon and it would be announced today,” Arrington, 68, said by phone from his Paradise, California, home hours after he and 64 others were granted pardons. Read the whole article.



Paradise Man Pardoned by President Obama

A North State man made international news when he was convicted of a multi-million dollar drug smuggling bust in the 1980’s.

On Tuesday, Stephen Arrington was one of 64 people pardoned by President Obama.

Sitting in his Paradise home, Arrington is beaming with excitement. “I have been pardoned by god but I wanted to be pardoned by my country and that happened yesterday,” Arrington said.

The 68-year old says he finally got the phone call from Washington D.C. he had been waiting for nine years, a Presidential pardon.

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Feb 2018, Stephen Arrington featured on North State Action News working with youth in depressed community.


In DeLorean’s Shadow

delorean-shadowThe John Z. DeLorean drug trial ruled the headlines of newspapers worldwide. The case commanded the attention of the highest levels of the FBI, DEA, CIA, IRS, DOJ, Attorney General’s Office, Interpol, Number 10 Downing Street, and the White House. Get In DeLorean’s Shadow on Amazon!

For an autographed copy click here.

It involve Pablo Escobar the leader of the Medellin Drug Cartel, his #1 hit man, Rafael Salazar, “AKA Rafa,,and Max Mermelstien who smuggled 56 tons of cocaine into the United States—and sent over $300,000,000 back down to Medellin. The defendants were John Z. DeLorean, creator of the DeLorean Motor Car, Morgan Hetrick a Texas Maverick who claimed to be the #1 cocaine smuggler on the West Coast, and Stephen L. Arrington, Vietnam vet, USN bomb disposal frogman, pilot and author of this book.

Mine is a true story. Prepare to take an incredible journey into darkness, and eventually come out the other side, as a childhood dream morphs into an ex-felon’s reality

5.0 out of 5 Stars Better than Fiction – Review By Paullyon – on July 5, 2017
In DeLorean’s Shadow: The Drug Trial of the Century by the Sole Surviving Defendant

I could not put this book down, but did, in order to savor it longer. What a great story even if it was fiction, which it isn’t.Stephan’s vulnerability, his honesty, his sense of humor, and his unusual level of self-awareness and questioning of his motives for everything he did, his sincere appreciation for the many ‘gifts’ he received along the way of his incredible journey, then later, giving his time and resources to make things better for others, make him stand out as a writer and as a man.

Stephen’s story is masterfully engaging, at times hilarious, at times horrifying, other times heartbreaking. I was right there with him every moment in complete sympathy. My favorite part was his first ride on back of the fire truck. Thanks for the laugh, Stephan. And the inspiration.

Review By William J. Pritchard – on January 26, 2017
In DeLorean’s Shadow: The Drug Trial of the Century by the Sole Surviving Defendant

Is your life a wild adventure? No? Mine isn’t either. But each us do have stories of our lives to tell, if we truly think about it. Stephen Arrington’s life story could easily be thought of as a classic novel. Not about wealth like the Count of Monte Christo. But it is about a lot of money. A little bit of prison life drama like Papillion. A little bit of justice, injustice as well as life and death like Les Miserable. A story of the easy slide into the dark side of life. But overall, a story of redemption and victory, ending with a pardon from President Barack Obama.By now you are beginning to not believe a word of what I’m saying. I don’t blame you. But that is how incredible Stephen Arrington’s story is. To prove me wrong you’ll just have to read his book, “In DeLorean’s Shadow.” You will also have to argue with the Federal Prosecutor who prosecuted DeLorean, et al.

I am not saying this book is great prose or literature. But it is a real story written and laid out in a way to get your attention and make you want to keep turning the pages. This book is also an important read for teens and parents because it’s message of making mistakes, paying for them and rising above life’s challenges.

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Author’s new book receives a warm literary welcome.
Readers’ Favorite announces the review of the Non-Fiction – True Crime book “In DeLorean’s Shadow” by Stephen Arrington, available at

Reviewed by Christian Sia for Readers’ Favorite:

“Here is a story that every publisher and media house should be scrambling for, and it beats me that it is self-published, because it is well-written, a powerful documentary that readers would enjoy on screen. I wish to shout out to the big movie giants out there: “Make this book into a movie.” Yes, because it reads like one and fans of Narcos will love it. In fact, I never knew Pablo Escobar was real. I have always thought of him as a character in the series, because while his trial was going on, I was busy chasing life. Now, let’s get to the book!

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Winning the Gold

Stephen Arrington’s newest documentary, Dust to Dreams, wins gold at WorldFest, the largest independent film festival in North America.

Over 4200 films were submitted and Dust to Dreams won gold in the category, Documentary Short, Western. This documentary is ideal for schools and families as it teaches about values and suicide awareness.

laurels-websiteSee our catalog for more details.

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