What is Drugs Bite

Life should be an incredible odyssey… our minds and bodies are the adventure machines to take us there. To be all that we hope for requires a commitment to excellence which can take us to where dreams reside.

Drugs and wrong behavior plunges youths and adults into living nightmares and even suicide, which is the #2 killer of children 10-years old to young adults 25-years old (ref. CDC). The #1 accidental killer is now drug overdose; automobile accidents are now #2 and far too often drugs, alcohol, and texting are involved.

I have done over 3,000 public school assemblies in 49 states, plus youth and corporate conventions, colleges, churches, youth lockups, and prisons for a total live audience of over 800,000 people. My television program, “High on Adventure,” aired in 110 countries. It is about making a difference, read my references. Many speaking venues bring me back repeatedly because what I do works .


The 50 Writers You Should Be Reading Contest

50writers20163d-2-150Dear Friends: I have entered a contest to help promote my new memoir, “In DeLorean’s Shadow.” This will also greatly boost my efforts to help youth with choices. I had to write a 1,000 word essay on why I write. It is called the People’s Choice Writers Award, “50 Great Writers You Should Be Reading.”

Please help by reading my submission and voting on it. The first round of voting ends on Oct 31. On Nov 6 they will announce the finalists, which requires a second round of voting, and that closes on Dec 4 with the winners announced on Dec 11.

Please open this link and simply click on my name to read my essay and if you like it, click on the link to vote.


In DeLorean’s Shadow

delorean-shadowThe John Z. DeLorean drug trial ruled the headlines of newspapers worldwide. The case commanded the attention of the highest levels of the FBI, DEA, CIA, IRS, DOJ, Attorney General’s Office, Interpol, Number 10 Downing Street, and the White House. Get In DeLorean’s Shadow on Amazon!

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It involve Pablo Escobar the leader of the Medellin Drug Cartel, his #1 hit man, Rafael Salazar, “AKA Rafa,,and Max Mermelstien who smuggled 56 tons of cocaine into the United States—and sent over $300,000,000 back down to Medellin. The defendants were John Z. DeLorean, creator of the DeLorean Motor Car, Morgan Hetrick a Texas Maverick who claimed to be the #1 cocaine smuggler on the West Coast, and Stephen L. Arrington, Vietnam vet, USN bomb disposal frogman, pilot and author of this book.

Mine is a true story. Prepare to take an incredible journey into darkness, and eventually come out the other side, as a childhood dream morphs into an ex-felon’s reality


Steve is pleased to announce that he has just published his 6th book, CLUB FED on Amazon. It is available at an introductory price of $2.99. Just go to Amazon, and type in CLUB FED and it will be one of the first items listed.

firetruck-book-coverMojave Desert, 1984. During a training event, the Town of Boron volunteers accidentally burnt down their firehouse with the fire engine inside. It falls on inmates from the nearby prison camp to protect the small desert community. However, the convicts have to get a 1941 American LaFrance fire engine operational. It has sat in storage for over 20 years. Being honor inmates, they make a commitment to only steal the parts they need from government vehicles. Donning vintage firefighter turnouts from WWII, they soon realize that the uniforms they wear require that they become men of purpose. Can a ragtag gang of inmates actually become lifesaving heroes? Join them as they leave the prison camp for the first time on an emergency response. It has all the excitement of a prison escape with the fire engine’s siren wailing and the most amazing female prison guard-riding shotgun.

Winning the Gold

Stephen Arrington’s newest documentary, Dust to Dreams, wins gold at WorldFest, the largest independent film festival in North America.

Over 4200 films were submitted and Dust to Dreams won gold in the category, Documentary Short, Western. This documentary is ideal for schools and families as it teaches about values and suicide awareness.

laurels-websiteSee our catalog for more details.

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