About Us

Most drug education programs do not impact youths. This one works!

Check out my references and Cambridge University’s prestigious Something About The Author. I have done over 1700 public school assemblies in 49 states and 5 countries.

My adventure book exTreme and triple gold medal winning video “Out of the Night,” have dramatically changed lives. Drugs Bite and Narconon are committed to helping youths and adults to resolve drugs issues and encourage achievement.

For over five years I lived an odyssey of adventure as chief diver & expedition leader for The Cousteau Society, then I left the job of my dreams to be a motivational writer and speaker for public schools and youth groups.

Acquiring a quality education, strengthened with self-discipline and a focus towards good choices leads to happiness, adventure and a challenging life. Bad choices only leads to tragedy, despair and real-life nightmares. Steve knows about choices before joining the Cousteau team he was a defendant in the John DeLorean drug trial of 1982. His spiral downwards began with a marijuana mistake that unexpectedly threw him into the frightening world of organized crime.