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Bat Facts

What you need to know about bats, because they are on the decline in the USA and this is really bad news.




  • Fiona’s Shark Links Galore
    An excellent, comprehensive list of links to other sites, including scientific, literary and educational spots on the web. Good for a few chuckles also.

SCUBA Diving around the world

Drug & Alcohol Abuse

Teen Suicide

Teen Violence

  • Gang War
    An overview of the history and identification of street gangs. Warning signs and tips for parents and educators, recommended books to read, must-see videos, worthy ways to get involved, and available resource material.

Careers in Marine Sciences

  • University of New England
    The Marine Biology major is designed to provide students with a solid science foundation upon which to build their marine specialty courses. The University of New England is located on the Atlantic coast at the mouth of the Saco River, where there are numerous marine, estuarine, and fresh water habitats to study. The program is flexible in that students are encouraged to explore all facets of Marine Biology through courses and internships emphasizing “hands-on” experiences.

Careers in Underwater Cinematography

Understanding the Impact of Television

  • National Institute on Media and the Family
    ARE THE MEDIA RAISING OUR KIDS? Our children face a lot of challenges: sexual choices, violence and disrespect. The media plays a powerful role. We can take action to better manage the messages our kids receive.

Misc. Links

    All machines run better on clean fuel. I highly endorse a vegetarian lifestyle and would like to introduce