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Testimonial Reviews

Tania Sufficool

I teach parenting class for the city of Santa Clarita and hope to have you be able to speak here soon. Half of my class came in early to watch your video. My family really enjoyed your presentation at the Calimesa Church last month. Keep up the good work.


You talked to our school yesterday and I thought it was one of the coolest assemblies!

Brandon Sees

I saw Stephen on KOVR 13 news this morning telling his story.

Jay Underwood

Thanks so much for coming to Collegedale. I heard you on Sept 26 1997 on my 13th birthday.

Ehren Howard

DrugsBite was mentioned by Stephen Arrington at the SAU Vespers presentation on September 26. The work you are engaged in seems good. I would like to know more about your plans at the empty hospital in Fuji. Thanks a lot for the program at Vespers. Freshman SAU.

Kathy Ritland

You are doing a terrific work for the Lord! May God continue to use you in spreading His Word and may He bless you in your ministry to teens.


I am a student at Southern Adventist University. Thank you so much for talking at our vespers tonight. I have seen your presentations before and they are awesome! Very inspiring. I can see that the Lord is really working in your ministry. Praise God! May He continue to bless.

Sherry Steinhauer

Heard you speak briefly on Christian Radio: Positive Life Radio 88.1 fm Yakima.

Taylor Maddox

Hi Steve, I think your story is really interesting. You talked to my school (Sequoia) today, Oct 15, and I thought what you have done in your life is really interesting. I think it’s cool how you’ve turned your life around so drastically! Well gotta go. Check out my page sometime and sign the book. See ya later…


Hi, I’m from the Brunswick SDA Church and went to see your presentation. I really enjoyed it. My dream is to work with dolphins in ANY way. I loved the pictures of the dolphins you showed too. Thanks

Ed Guzman (Oakhurst Pathfinders)

My club and myself enjoyed your presentation at CCC Camporee 10/97. Powerful Message. Powerfully delivered. Keep it up.

Aaron Macleod

I Heard you speak at the campereee Springville.. it was pretty cool… we would like to have you in Chowchilla SDA sometime…? We’ll talk to the pastor and teacher about it more… well that’s all for now…

Steve Mulder

Thank you for your ministry. Can you come to Templeton and speak to the kids in the Vineyard Elementary School? The Templeton Pathfinder club really liked your message at the CCC camporee.

Jeff Long

Steve I’m writing this to you on my bosses computer and he is aware of it. Just wanted to tell you again how much I liked what you are telling the kids at the Springville Pathfinder Camporee. The kids need to hear this info. God bless.

Joan Standish

Dear Steve, I found your site listed in High on Adventures III. I’ve really enjoyed your books and have seen you on 3ABN. Keep up the good work.

Erica Villanueva

I found this out from you STEVE. It’s a cool website. I told my friends about it and they like it too!


This is a great page! Keep up the Good Work! I found out about this page from Stephen himself, when he visited the Paradise auditorium.

Brittany Wall

I got the address from a speaker at school. You should add games at your web site. I like your web site.


I saw you in Paradise CA at the auditorium. I liked your talk very much.

John Martin

Hi, I go to Lawrence school in Lodi California. I’m in the 5th grade. I saw you when you came to my school. I really liked the sharks and whales. Thank you for coming to my school and hope you can come back again.


Hi! You came to our school which is St. Jude School….I just wanted to say you were great.. see ya

Kathy Doyle

Your books are awesome!