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Stephen Arrington’s story begins on the glistening sands of Hawaii and nearly ends in the belly of a great white shark. In between, he found himself trapped in the drug smuggling trade—unwittingly becoming the “Fall Guy” in the world famous John Z. DeLorean drug case. Naval career as a bomb disposal frogman shattered, his youthful innocence stripped from him by the Medellin Drug Cartel, Arrington is abruptly arrested—rescued—by a dozen armed DEA agents…this is a true story of hope and of survival.

Determined to make something good come of his sojourn in prison, Arrington became chief engineer of the Boron Inmate Fire Crew, where he led seventeen emergency, life-saving, responses, including being first on the scene of the crash of the B-1 Bomber in 1984. One year after his release from prison, he earned a Presidential award for saving the life of a youth who almost drown. Two years after his release, Arrington was hired as a chief diver and expedition leader for the Cousteau Society. He spent the next five years diving around the world with whales, dolphins and great white sharks.

Stephen Arrington is now a lay youth minister and drug educational speaker. He has spoken at over seventeen hundred public schools nationwide.

“This…is a ‘journey into darkness’ as I step from the proud world of being a navy frogman and Vietnam veteran into the corrupt world of organized crime…When I began to write this book in my prison cell, I never would have believed that I would finish it on a Cousteau Expedition vessel.”

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