Flossing and Going to the Dentist can Prevent Colon and Stomach Cancer

Did you know that going to the dentist may prevent you from developing colon cancer? That’s because scientists have discovered that bacteria responsible for dental plaque is also found in high numbers in colorectal tumors.

Using DNA sequencing techniques, researchers have isolated Fusobacterium cells in the abnormal tissue of bowel cancers which are the second leading cause of cancer deaths in North America. Earlier studies have revealed that this same bacterium is associated with ulcerative colitis but this research suggests that the presence of this microorganism may change the local environment of the bowel making it susceptible to the formation of a cancerous growth.

If this theory is proven, it would mark the second time that a bacterium has been linked to a gastrointestinal neoplasm; the first discovery being the association between Helicobacter pylori and the development of stomach cancer.

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