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Childhood and teen-age dreams are the future foundations for adult realities. – Stephen Arrington

From meeting a 17-and-a-half-foot great white shark face to face, to diving from an airplane toward the earth’s surface at 140 MPH, to exploring a sunken battle cruiser from World War II in the dark depths of the South Pacific Ocean, author and adventurer Stephen Arrington retells many exciting tales from his life as a navy frogman and chief diver for the Cousteau Society. Each story is laced with Arrington’s Christian belief and outlook that life is an adventure waiting to be had.

Arrington warns today’s youth against such luring deterrents as alcohol, drugs, and the like, which can only keep you from experiencing each moment so rich with possibilities for adventure. He reflects on himself as a youth and the dreams he dreamed, which did come true once he put his life in God’s hands and allowed His will to be the guide. Just read on and decide for yourself.

  • Come face to face in open water with a huge pod of humpback whales, including a three-week old newborn calf.
  • Swim playfully with a wild, but friendly, dolphin named Jojo.
  • Explore an underwater cave and discover the fossilized bones of a family of four pilot whales, revealing a mysterious and sad death.
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