High on Adventure Three More

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Life is a boundless adventure full of challenge, mystery, and wonder. In this, the third book of his series, Arrington shares his true-life stories from his underwater adventures with the Cousteau Society as a chief diver and expedition leader. “Each of us is standing on a threshold where the future will be determinded by our daily choices and our commitment to excellence,” says Arrington. This book is a manual for building young minds and bodies into dream machines. With the right habits, motivation, and diet, our minds and bodies become energized. A mundane life can explode into a challenging, adventure- filled quest full of opportunity, fun, and happiness.

About the Author:

Stephen Arrington served four tours in Vietnam helping to rescue downed pilots. During his 14 year navel career, he worked with NASA recovering space vehicles, the Secret Service protecting foregn heads of state, and with the CIA. he lives in the California woods with his wife Cindy, and their two children.

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