In DeLorean’s Shadow More

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delorean-shadowThe John Z. DeLorean drug trial ruled the headlines of newspapers worldwide. The case commanded the attention of the highest levels of the FBI, DEA, CIA, IRS, DOJ, Interpol, Number 10 Downing Street, and the White House. I have the FBI Investigative Reports, the transcripts of the FBI’s secret tapes and the investigative reports from the Law Firm that DeLorean hired. I know the things that the jury never heard, and what the Federal Agents tried to hide, because I am the last surviving defendant.
The case involved Pablo Escobar the leader of the Medellin Drug Cartel, his #1 hit man, Rafael Salazar, “AKA Rafa,,and Max Mermelstien who smuggled 56 tons of cocaine into the United States—and sent over $300,000,000 back down to Medellin. The defendants were John Z. DeLorean, creator of the DeLorean Motor Car, Morgan Hetrick a Texas Maverick who claimed to be the #1 cocaine smuggler on the West Coast, and Stephen L. Arrington, Vietnam vet, USN bomb disposal frogman, pilot and author of this book.

Warning: this is a true story written in the intensity of the moment. It contains real depictions of the criminal underworld and of life inside prison walls. This story may be disconcerting to some, yet is necessary to convey the magnitude of where choices can lead those who would dance the criminal waltz.

Mine is a true story. Prepare to take an incredible journey into darkness, to learn the incredible value of a spiritual commitment, and eventually to come out the other side, as a childhood dream morphs into an ex-felon’s reality.

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