Journey into Darkness

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Life is a boundless adventure full of challenge, mystery, and wonder. Steve Arrington’s story begins in the jungles of Vietnam where he’s introduced to marijuana. That faulty step shatters his navy career, as a bomb disposal frogman, plunges him into the underworld of drug smuggling, and sentences him to the terrors of prison. There amid brutal inmates and stifling depression, Steve discovers hope through a life-changing friendship with God.

He’s soon in deep water again. But this time surrounded by great white sharks as chief diver for the Cousteau Society.

“I went from a world of darkness into an incredible new life!” Steve says.

He was given a second chance and now dedicates his life to reaching young people with a message of hope, daring them to go for their dreams. Here in his own words, Steve Arrington tells his extraordinary story.

“I feel good to have contributed to the recovery and successs of this kind human being. People should receive a second chance when they have been abused.” Jean-Michel Cousteau

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