More – Drugs Bite Is Dedicated to bullying, suicide, and drugs abuse prevention

There are no other bullying, suicide and drug prevention programs like mine for addressing large audiences and assemblies. Check my references. I have done over 3,000 public school assemblies in 49 states, plus youth and corporate conventions, and colleges for a total live audience of over 800,000 people. My television program, “High on Adventure,” aired in 110 countries four times a week for two years. It is about making a difference. Many speaking venues bring me back repeatedly because what I do works.

Students have to want to change negative behavior. It is a choice that must come from within them. What they need is an incentive of encouragement that is powerful enough to make a life-changing difference.

My other goal is to encourage students not to tolerate bullying and to be willing to help a friend from slipping into drug, tobacco, and alcohol abuse.

As a motivational speaker, I share that life should be an incredible odyssey, a quest to develop and awaken young minds and to build their bodies into adventure machines to take them to where their dreams reside.

  • In 2014, I was the keynote speaker at the California Statewide Foster Youth Leadership Convention at Chico State University.
  • In Oct 2016, I was the keynote speaker for four days at a convention of over 8,000 early teens.
  • My television program, “High on Adventure,” aired on the Loma Linda Broadcasting Network (LLBN) to 110 countries on satellite and cable four times a week for two years. It continues to air six years later on various networks.
  • I was the keynote speaker at The State of Montana Middle School Teachers Convention; follow this link to read their reviews. Afterwards I spoke at 26 public schools in Montana, and then they brought me back to speak at the Middle School Principals Convention two years in a row along with dozens of more schools.

I am a story teller and I do it well as evidenced by my references. I use my life as evidence that that good choices overcomes everything, particularly when it is coupled with hope that a person can believe in…

I was a Navy Bomb Disposal Frogman, proudly serving my country, when a marijuana mistake ended my career. My downward spiral continued when I was arrested with 55 pounds of cocaine destined for John DeLorean, the flamboyant automaker; his beautiful wife was a movie star and the #1 supermodel on the planet. It fed an international media blitz. I was in big trouble on the world stage.

Mine is a whirlwind of adventure and intrigue with smugglers, hit men, and inmates as I tried to rediscover myself in prison. I became an honor inmate, and then chief engineer of Inmate Engine Company 52, where I led the response to save the crew of a B-1A supersonic bomber that crashed in the desert. I drove a fire engine out of the prison camp 17 times, with red lights flashing and siren wailing, and all the excitement of a prison escape, but we were about saving lives.

This is a story about hope as my childhood dream morphs into an ex-felon’s reality when just two years out of prison, I became chief diver and expedition leader for Captain Jacques Cousteau and went on an underwater odyssey of adventure. I use my stories of whales, dolphins, and great white sharks to capture young imaginations, and then spice my talk with smugglers, inmates, FBI agents, and Colombian hitmen to teach about life’s tougher choices.

I am fully committed in my efforts to save young people from bullying and suicide, as well as drug, alcohol, and tobacco abuse. I believe we are fighting a war for our children, which is well documented in this Center for Disease Control (CDC) study:

In 2016, the CDC reported that suicide is now the #2 killer of children 10-years old to young adults 25-years old. The #1 accidental killer is now drug overdose; automobile accidents are now #2 and far too often drugs, alcohol, and texting are involved in vehicular accidents.

This chart is from the 2016 study on deaths in the USA in 2014 by the CDC.