Prime Causes of Suicide: Drugs, Alcohol and now Synthetic Drugs.

We all know that amongst children bullying and depression are prime causes of suicide as are drugs, alcohol, and now synthetic drugs.

  • The #1 killer of 10 to 14-old children is accidental death. But if you break that down, the #1 cause of accidental death for children 10 to 14, as well as youths 15 to 25 is drug overdose. The #2 cause of accidental death for these age groups is automobile accidents. These are official CDC statistics and the trend is that is getting worse!

Pre- and early-teen suicide has gotten so bad in California that Governor Brown signed a new law in Oct 2016, that all middle and high schools must initiate suicide prevention programs. Our schools and churches need them too!

Something horrible has wormed its way into our society that is making all of the above far worse! Public Broadcasting News Hour recognized it with this statement:As efforts to legalize marijuana increase across the country, what began as a novel, “legal” alternative to weed has devolved into a dangerous street drug.” This is in reference to synthetic marijuana which comes in shiny, colorful packets scrawled with innocent-sounding names like “Scooby Snax,” “Bizarro” and “Spice” — names that obscure its harmful, sometimes deadly ingredients. These deadly packets are being sold legally as compared to marijuana, which is dangerously deceiving—it is more akin to PCP. Imagine a child’s reaction to seeing a shiny packet with a cartoon character and thinking that there is candy inside. What do you think a 10-year old would do with it?

There are other synthetic drugs being openly sold, at vaping stores and on the internet. Only five states have banned their sale. Most of these extremely dangerous chemical compounds are manufactured in China and in other countries that are hostile to us and want to damage us—this is an attack. When a specific synthetic drug is outlawed, the compound is slightly altered and offered under a new name.

Please note how the tablets above look remarkably like Valentine’s Day candy. Below is the most deadly synthetic drug of all, it is often made to look like Lifesaver candy.

Meet U-47700 also known as Pink Heroin, a synthetic heroin, and yes it is legal in all but four states. Doesn’t the Pink Heroin below look just like Lifesaver candy?

As reported by NBC, “Pink Heroin is eight times stronger than heroin, and is part of a family of deadly synthetic opioids, all of them more powerful than heroin, that includes ifentanyl, carfentanil and furanyl fentanyl. By themselves or mixed with other drugs, in forms ranging from pills to powder to mists, they’re killing thousands of people across the country, say law enforcement and health officials. The powerful, ersatz opioids are part of a surge of synthetic drugs, including bath salts and mock-ups of ecstasy, being shipped into the U.S. from China and other nations.”

“Pink Heroin can be ordered legally on-line and delivered to any home. The internet has many websites a Google search away where the drug is available for as little as $5 plus S & H,” NBC. All a child needs is a smart phone and a credit card or Paypal.

These synthetic drugs are what is so horribly driving suicide and drug overdose statistics. It is only going to get worse…far worse…until our laws effectively take these deadly drugs out of the market and off of the internet. Yet already, these drugs have gone underground and are available on almost any inner city street corner.

Peer pressure is driving children and youths to try things they normally would avoid. In most public schools students who avoid marijuana are seen as not cool. Pill parties have become popular, where children take prescription pills out of their parent’s medicine cabinets. Everything is dumped into a bow and everyone is encouraged to grab whatever grabs their attention.

So what is the answer? Education! That is why I have brought this to your attention. We all need to get involved, these are our kids. Develop a plan, form a committee, and have parent meetings.

I can help.

I am an expert on dealing with dangerous youth issues. No, I don’t have a PHD after my name, but dozens of police departments have sponsored me into public schools. I have spoken at public school principal and teacher conventions, for parole officers, with small town and inner city councils and committees to help youth.

We all know that these are dangerous subjects that have to be addressed in the most careful and caring way possible when speaking with youth. I personally have found that being an experienced story teller is extremely effective. Someone who has a long history of working with children and youth and sharing lessons in a way that is comforting yet informative. That warns young minds away from what will harm them without causing stress and worry for the children or their parents.

I am available to speak at your school, academy or church. Call me at 530 872-4884, email, my web page is

Thank you for your time,

Stephen Arrington