Programs and References

Steve’s program fascinates both youth and teachers alike. He has spoken in 49 states and has done over 3000 public school assemblies.. Each of these schools is a positive reference for the effectiveness of his work. The DARE program has sponsored him into 32 states. NBC did a prime time news special on my public school program, and it has been featured in numerous magazines, hundreds of newspapers and has led to over 200 radio interviews. Steve is the author of seven books all of which are currently in print. Journey Into Darkness his autobiography is going into its seventh printing.

Each program carries a full money back guarantee (no school has ever requested a refund). Please call or email him for rates. Because he addresses tobacco issues grant money can be utilized for his programs. He always discusses with the school staff how he can best serve their student body. The presentations have been enthusiastically received for over 27 years.

One of the very best references that he can offer about the effectiveness of his programs is from the coordinators of the Lifelong Learning Conference held at the University of Montana. Several hundred public school teachers and principals attending the conference were asked to evaluate the speakers. Below are listed the individual comments on his program as sent by the Department of Labor. Overall 91% of the teachers rated his program as exceeding their expectations in content and presentation. For more details contact Ms. Annette Miller, Montana Director for Career Networking or Ms. Candy Cardwell at 800 354-8830. (Note: in 2002 Steve was the keynote speaker at Montana’s Middle School Principals Convention).

  • A very good approach to drug issues
  • He gives hope to people who have made poor choices.
  • I hope I can fan the spark in some of my students.
  • Fantastic message – I would like to get him at our school.
  • Great! What an inspiration!
  • Dynamic & varied, excited & knowledgeable.
  • Wonderful! Reaches all ages.
  • Excellent Program – very inspirational
  • Awesome! I really enjoyed hearing Steve’s story.
  • Would love to get him to Butte.
  • My students need to hear him speak!
  • What dedication – Very good presentation and message
  • Excellent! Thank you for bringing Steve
  • Good info – may need to shift from children to adults.
  • I loved his message about how drugs bite and his inspirational message.
  • Great! Excellent material – fascinating!
  • WOW – could hold attention for entire time
  • Very moving and inspirational
  • What an awesome individual
  • Exceptional – What a great story!!
  • Amazing! I want my district to invite him as a speaker
  • Awesome
  • Excellent! Wonderful speaker; inspiring!
  • Very Interesting – Riveting
  • WOW! Incredible – Awesome!
  • Fantastic/Powerful
  • Awesome! Very good presentation
  • Great – good topic & good presenter
  • He is great! Would like kids to see his presentation
  • Great speaker – Superb way to end the day – what a story