Alert! Toxins Lurking

Ever since I was a young man, in my late teens, I have had a goal, to one day, die healthy. When I shared this thought with others back in the sixties and early seventies most of my friends thought I was nuts! But now people understand, we all want to live an active, dynamic life full of fun, achievement and adventure. We should be alert, aware and intellectually motivated. The right diet, clean water and air, exercise, reduced stress, adequate sleep, some supplementation, a positive attitude and trying to avoid all things that are bad for the body leads to being a successful, long-lived human being. This is just a hint of what I will be sharing at this site.

I have been researching pollution and toxins for thirty years. This became one of my life’s focuses when I was documenting environmental pollution for the Cousteau Society. Then I began working with incarcerated youths and adults in conjunction with a research program through staff from Loma Linda University. I saw how toxins, pollutants and a poor diet contributed to drug abuse and were major factors leading to behavioral problems, learning disabilities and yes, more drug abuse.

I will not only alert you to the hazards that lurk in our food, water, home and place of business, I will try to offer real solutions. It basically comes down to making simple lifestyle changes. Particularly air out your home regularly, clean and or replace air conditioning filters, eliminate dust as much as possible (dust absorbs chemicals, vapors; it harbors germs and disease causing organisms), vacuum your mattress, wash your bed spread and covers every two weeks, read labels and become knowledgeable, wash your fruits and vegetables, filter your tap water, never microwave, heat or freeze anything in plastic, avoid pesticides (there are natural ways to discourage bugs, get a vacuum with a hepa filter and use it regularly to deep clean carpeting. Avoid buying anything made of pressed board, be careful mixing commercial cleaners. With time I will add a lot more alternatives for household cleaners.

Disclosure Statement:

I am not a physician, nor a health professional, and I have no license regarding the information I share here that I have gathered mostly from the internet. As such, you should discuss with your doctor, dentist or other health professional regarding the benefits and any possible health hazards associated with any condition that you might have, particularly if your are pregnant, a child, a nursing mother or suffer from any chronic disease or health condition. My intent is simply to draw awareness so that people can do their own research in the hope that they will make better informed decisions. As possible I provide the links to the following articles so that you can exam them yourself to help determine their authority regarding claims of benefits.

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