Why Steve Doesn’t Like Pam Spray

First they claim use Pam for fat free cooking, says so right on the can!

How can something that is almost entirely fat be considered fat free. They make the serving size unbelievably small, can you believe 720 servings per can? This makes the result small enough they don’t have to report the fat content.

I also don’t like Pam because you are spraying a very fine mist, sometimes on a hot pan, which sort of atomizes on contact resulting in a fine vapor that not only can be inhaled, (think lipid pneumonia), but also it is an extreme fire hazard, and get this…explosive hazard around an open flame.

Here is an extra thought regarding cooking:

America’s favorite breakfast is bacon and eggs — and often it is cooked in a product that contains the same chemical that has damaged and destroyed the lungs of hundreds of popcorn and food-flavoring plant workers.

A study commissioned by the Seattle P-I shows that top-selling butter substitutes, when heated, release vapor from a chemical additive called diacetyl. When inhaled, this vapor has been linked to a rare, sometimes fatal respiratory disease called bronchiolitis obliterans

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