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Dear School Principal or Drug Counselor:

A school drug, tobacco, and alcohol education and motivational speaker is only as good as their last presentation. In the last three months, I have spoken to schools in five counties in Northern and Central California. Here is what they thought of my programs.

In Calaveras County, I spoke in a classroom to all of Mark Twain Elementary School’s 6th graders (6 periods). This is what the overseeing teacher, June Perry, submitted to the County TUPE Coordinator as a performance evaluation:

• “Students were totally involved in the presentation, videos, and slide show”
• “Super positive message”
• “Students truly enjoyed and learned from this program”
• “Highly recommend it to more schools in Calaveras County”

I use my adventures as an Expedition Leader & Chief Diver for Captain Jacques Yves Cousteau to motivate youth to pursue their dreams through study, a commitment to be the best, and to take care of their health regarding the choices they make. I refer to our minds and bodies as our “Adventure machines.” See (Note! New page under construction)

To see a prime-time, NBC national news story on my public school programs visit:

“Stephen Arrington’s message to young people comes straight from the heart. He cares about them and they feel his sincerity. His story is one of hope, second chances, adventure and heroism. The hardest part was fitting his message into the time allotted!” Ann Hill, TUPE Coordinator Trinity County.

As a public-school speaker, I have a sincere responsibility to make sure my programs are uplifting and motivational while sharing sensitive drug education issues. A student’s parents might be using medical marijuana or could be recreational marijuana growers. That means my message needs to focus on the known impact of marijuana on young, developing minds and not be judgmental. I am also mindful when talking about the hazards of tobacco, which is debilitating to a youth’s health, but for adults it’s a personal choice.

I share how vaping “just water” damages lungs because the heating elements can shed nano-sized toxic particles of tin, lead and cadmium from the E-cigarette’s heating element into the lungs and then into the blood stream. Also, that most flavorings for E-cigarettes maybe FDA approved for the digestive track, however when heated and inhaled into the respiratory track they become toxic.
“Stephen Arrington’s message of “If you make a mistake, it does not mean you are a mistake” was a captivating message that resonated with students. No matter what the mistake, they can pick themselves up and continue towards their dreams. Powerful message.” De Funk, TUPE Coordinator, Modoc County Schools

“Siskiyou County Probation invited Stephen Arrington to speak at our first Resource Fair for kids and parents of our truant youths, and our Adult Probation and Parole Resource Fair. Arrington was insightful and appropriate with his message and reached all our age groups. I received positive feedback from those who attended- many felt hope and encouragement from his message.” Officer Charmain Mortenson, Siskiyou County

My job is to inspire students and to motivate them towards achievement despite obstacles. My theme is, “With dreams begins responsibility,” and “Hope that never surrenders.”

“Amazing, Steve came to one of our High Schools and brought along a TV crew, doing a story on him. As usual he had the students spellbound during his entire Presentation. He has added new information in his presentation regarding the hazards of vaping and for recreational marijuana. As usual, several of the students stayed after the presentation to ask Steve private questions, or to tell him their story that relates to his talk. What an inspiration!!! I am hoping to bring Steve to Plumas County several more times before the end of the school year.” Bruce Mulligan, TUPE Coordinator Plumas County

Video of the North State Action News Story that Mr. Mulligan is referring to can be found at or visit

Please know that though I am a national speaker, over 3,500 public school assemblies to date, I offer budget rates in Northern and Central California because this is my home and I want to help my community. I am also available for summer programs. Please be aware that my August to November schedule fills up rapidly so don’t delay.

An important final note, I have a vast amount of experience as a speaker, including prisons, youth lock-ups, colleges, conventions and 100’s of churches. My largest audience was 10,000 youth. I know what I can and should talk about as well as subjects that need to be avoided. With all of that, I don’t get complaints, and that means if you book me, your reward will be nothing but positive responses. It is why I offer a 100% money back satisfaction guarantee that no one has ever asked for in 25 years.

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